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Katherine Charles

Assistant Professor of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature


I teach and study transatlantic literature of the long eighteenth-century, with a special focus on the novel and women’s writing. 


My current project, “Stories inside the Novel: Interpolated Tales      and Social Difference during the Eighteenth Century,” argues that interpolated tales, or intact tales within a tale, had a crucial role to play in teaching early novel readers the concept of fictionality and in shaping how novels treated difference, especially across the social boundaries of gender, class, and race.





PhD: University of California, Los Angeles, 2016


MPhil: University of Cambridge, 2003


AB: Princeton University, 2002



“Speaking Across: Literary Form and Speech in Obi; Or, the History of Three-Fingered Jack” (forthcoming), The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 62.1 (Spring 2021).  


“Meeting Me: Charles Dickens’s Moments of Self-Encounter,” Dickens Studies Annual 49.1 (March 2018): 47–69.


“Staging Sociability in The Excursion: Frances Brooke, David Garrick, and the King’s Theatre Coterie,” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 27.2 (Winter 2015): 257–284.




ENG 394: Special Topics, Jane Austen Inc.

ENG 394: The Rise of the Novel and its Discontents

ENG 320: The Eighteenth Century: Oriental Tales

ENG 323: The Nineteenth-Century Novel: Horror, at Home and Abroad

ENG 320: The Eighteenth Century: “Lost at Sea”

ENG 207: Introduction to British Literature and Culture I

ENG 208: Introduction to British Literature and Culture II

ENG 101: Literature and Composition, “Americans in Paris”

FYS: Jane Austen and Fan Culture