• Position 3

Miranda Altman

Director of Counseling Center; PSY.D., LCSW-C, MSW

I have spent my professional life doing the work that I love with emerging adult students. Prior to being a director of counseling for a university, I was an academic teaching graduate level counseling students how to be caring and compassionate professionals.  I was lucky to find my passion at an early age. The work of counseling is hopeful. It is personally gratifying to think that a student can move forward in their life with skills that transcend their college years. 

If I hadn’t chosen to be a clinician, I would be working in the world of art and objects. I continue to collect primitive folk art because of my fascination with the use of rough, found materials to create new beauty. I appreciate all forms of personal expression both the artists’ and the student who engages in the process of counseling.

I cook as often as I can since it is my “therapy.” I grew up in a home and culture in which “food is love.” Breaking bread with friends and family makes me feel calm and content.

Finally, I am an avid animal lover, having owned every type and “genre” of pet; including many reptiles! My children had a veritable zoo growing up! I have a son and a daughter, both of whom are living independently and following their passion.  I have two granddogs; Bosco who is three, and Rosco who is a 10-week old deaf puppy.