Business Management

Ryan Eanes

Assistant Professor of Business Management & Director of Minor in Marketing

Communication drives consumption.

My approach to marketing begins with this belief—that the decisions we make about the things we choose to consume (either literally, as in the food we eat, or figuratively, as in the TV shows we watch or the clothes we wear) are driven by communication. We are bombarded with messages from marketers, advertisers, sellers, and peddlers every day, but we are simultaneously wading through a similar deluge of messages from our friends, families, enemies, and countless others. I believe that if we can better understand the ways messages are transmitted, perceived, and acknowledged, we can become more savvy as consumers and more strategic as marketers.

  • PhD, Media Studies, University of Oregon (2015)
  • MA, Media Studies, The New School (2008)
  • BA, Communication, Wake Forest University (2003)
  • BUS 351, Advertising
  • BUS 323, Consumer Behavior
  • BUS 224, Digital Marketing
  • BUS 111, Principles of Marketing
  • GRW 101, Neurons and Networks (first-year seminar)
Professional Experience
  • Design & Creative Director, Bill Me, Inc., New York, NY (2003-2012)
  • Principal/Owner, Axon Foundry LLC, Eugene, OR (2008-2014)
  • Professional Researcher Certification (PRC), Insights Association (2017)
  • Certificate, New Media & Culture, University of Oregon (2014)