Jamie Dillon

Class of 1971
Major/Minor: Major in German with a Minor in European History and French

I very much appreciate the rich view of the world and human life offered at Washington College.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? 

Vast influence. I very much appreciate the rich view of the world and human life offered at Washington College.

Also, I used heaps of the linguistics I learned at Washington College. Developed a deep sense of history, also learned to read good books in more than one language. Good literature has a way of sinking into a person.

Who was your favorite faculty/staff member?

My Mom taught at WC, the Esther Dillon lounge in Caroline is named after her. Many favorite people, including Nate Smith, Norman James, Alice James, Georgia Duffee, Erika Salloch, Randy Grumpelt, Maggie Horsley, Gerda Blumenthal, Ed Athey, Bedford Groves. Dear friends and teachers.
Georgia was teaching German, my major. She and her husband Duff were rebuilding a house built ca 1810 in Centerville. Used to stay with them often. That place was so cold in winter, like a long-term camping project.

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

My Mom’s office at the back end of Bill Smith, with an old map of Barcelona on the wall, and El Greco’s Laocoön.

Also, Working backstage at the College music series. Got to help out the Juillard String Quartet, the Ram Narayan Trio, to name a couple. Had the privilege on that job to work with Bedford Groves, nice man. And Don Munson passed the job to me!

Also, when Scott Newman got his Dad to come talk along with Nate Smith and Tom An at a school-wide teach-in after the Kent State killings.

It is your graduation day. What advice would you now give your younger self? 

You’re a better person than you’re letting on to yourself. Develop a sterling self-image.

Campus Involvement
  • Elm
  • Fencing club
  • Student senate
Graduate School:

San Francisco State, MS in communication disorders



How did your experience in Athletics influence your college experience?

We had fun fencing, kept it up locally. Also learned points of sailing with Bob Harder, who had learned racing tips from my Dad.