Christopher Smith

Class of 2007

Liberal Arts were those sets of skills considered to be essential for a person to take part in civic life. This could not be more true. I have used every bit of my Liberal Arts Education in not only my career, but my day to day life.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? How do you apply your liberal arts education in your current career?

Liberal Arts were those sets of skills considered to be essential for a person to take part in civic life. This could not be more true. I have used every bit of my Liberal Arts Education in not only my career, but my day-to-day life. From treating patients to being an officer in the United States Air Force, my education has been the backbone of all my interactions.

The confidence I gained from running the Student Center and campus activities has allowed me to manage multiple positions within the military. Being a leader in multiple facets of my college education has given me the skills needed to lead enlisted and fellow officers in the military.

A Liberal Arts education is not an education solely focused on one subject or state of mind. It’s an education designed to make you look at the world from multiple viewpoints and angles. It’s not just your psychology classes or history classes that you utilize, but the sum of all its parts. To have a liberal arts background means to have the ability and potential to follow any path laid before you.

Washington College laid the foundation for my education. A foundation so strong that I was easily able to build upon it to be where I am today, with plans to continue to grow. In reality, my liberal arts education has given me every tool I feel I need to tackle any obstacle that I may come across in life.

Who was your favorite faculty/staff member?

Every member of the Washington College faculty/staff were incredible and worth mentioning, but there were two specifically that truly made me who I am today, Bob Hooey and Sue Park.

Bob was the Director of Student Activities and Campus Life and Sue was the Associate Dean of Students / Director of Residence Life. I first met Bob and Sue as a freshman and, at that time, I was selected to take on the responsibilities of Campus Center Coordinator. At the time this put me in charge of the Campus Center, the Cafe/Bar, and all student run activities on campus. I worked closely with the Student Events Board President and the College administration. A daunting task that at first I did not think I could handle, but they never let me look back and kept pushing me forward.

Being the Directors for Student Activities/Campus Life and the Director of Residence Life, they worked closely with each other and I was fortunate to work closely with both of them. They were married and, though they never had children of their own, they looked at the students of Washington College as their children. Everything they did was in the best interest of the school and it’s students. It was expected for many of us to be working long hours to ensure everything ran properly, but it was not uncommon to see both Bob and Sue at the Student Affairs Office at 8 or 9pm, working on improvements or activities for the students.

Bob and Sue were like a second set of parents to not only me but to a number of students. They taught us responsibility, leadership, and gave us the confidence to stand on our own two feet and venture forth. I cannot begin to proclaim the gratitude I have for both of these individuals for the skills, knowledge and confidence they instilled in me and so many others like me during their tenure at Washington College.

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

There are too many to even count. Everything from Birthday Balls, to May Day, to War on the Shore and so many more. The beauty of Washington College is that there was so much packed into such a small school/town. There were always campus events/bands playing on Friday/Saturday nights, weekly campus activities, and constant school spirit.  

I met my wife at Washington College during peer mentor interviews at the end of freshman year. I met my lifelong best friends, the groomsman at my wedding, through SGA/Student Events Board freshman year. I spent every day with all of these people creating amazing, life long memories, and to try to choose just one is impossible.  

Some specific memories I will never forget would be the time spent not with one or 2 people, but with a group of fellow WAC students. Birthday Ball every year, with the post-ball breakfast, was always a blast. Being close enough to the beach to just pack up and go on a whim in the middle of the night. Running around campus at night gaming with my closest friends once a month. 

One of my fondest memories would be working with a couple of my closest friends and starting the Omicron-Phi chapter of Kappa Sigma. Something that started as just an idea between 2 of us and, on April 14, 2007, became a reality. 

When I look back, there was never a bad time at Washington College. Every memory I have of this place is an amazing one!

Campus Involvement
  • Kappa Sigma
  • WIGS
  • Student Events Board
  • Campus Center Coordinator
  • Omicron Delta Kappa honor society
  • Psi Chi, Beta Beta Beta
  • Student Government Association
  • Honor Board
Graduate School:

University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Baltimore, MD with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery