Alexander Vidiani

Class of 2015
Major/Minor: English/Creative Writing

The 2015 Sophie Kerr Winner

1) What will be or is the first book you read now that you’ve graduated from Washington College? (No shame in saying The Hunger Games.)
The first book I read after I graduated was Nick Flynn’s “The Reenactments” which was a gift from Professor Dubrow. It is about Flynn being an audience to the filming of his life, including his mother’s death and father’s homelessness, and the accompanying emotions that go along with such things.

2) What has had the most influence on you as a person and/or as a writer?
I think the one thing that has most influenced me as a person and writer is the concept of remembrance, especially the dichotomy between memory’s inherent fallibility but also its truth value.

3) Which author(s) taught you the most about writing?
In terms of which author has taught me the most about writing, I’d have to pick Hemingway. His stark portrayal of emotion and bluntness in which he approached life weren’t always palatable, but instilled in me a love for writing concisely while pulling no punches.

4) What was the most important lesson you learned about writing?
The most important lesson I learned about writing is to revise, constantly, without mercy or remorse for the literary “darlings” you have to throw out.

5) What are you immediate plans for the future? (If you want, you can skip this question and I’ll just put down that you’re going to Disney World.)

My immediate plans for the future include beginning my MFA at UMD College Park in the Fall, and attending AWP, Los Angeles in the Spring.

Campus Involvement

“The Collegian” Poetry Editor

“Cherry Tree” Screener