Library & Academic Technology

Heather K. Calloway

Archivist & Special Collections Librarian/Assistant Professor


B.A. University of New Mexico, 1997
M.T.S. The Iliff School of Theology, 2001
M.L.S. University of Maryland, College Park, 2005
Ed.D. University of Pennsylvania, 2015

Current Research Interests

  • Historic preservation of material culture, ephemera and rare books
  • Hidden collections, Emerging technologies in special collections
  • Freemasonry, fraternal organizations, fraternities & sororities
  • Civic, religious & charitable organizations 
  • American religious history
  • The Episcopal church; Preservation of church records
  • New Mexico history
  • Archival and primary source use, application and engagement  

Biographical Notes

Since 2015, Heather has been collaborating with her colleague Raven Bishop on a program called Augmented Archives. This initiative uses augmented reality to increase student engagement with primary source materials. Students take on the role of curators and create AR exhibits. To learn more about our work, see the Augmented Archives webpage.

Prior to coming to Washington College, Heather worked with the Scottish Rite Freemasons for 14 years. Most recently, she served as the Museum Curator and Managing Director for Digital & Social Media at the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. In 2009, Dan Brown wrote his “bestseller” – The Lost Symbol, (which opened and closed at the museum), and life – as she knew it – literally changed overnight. Treasure hunters, conspiracy theorists, and more all came to Washington to see the building described in Brown’s book. While they haven’t found any treasure yet, new approaches to museum tours, exhibits and collection access were instituted as a renewed public became interested in Freemasonry.

Heather’s articles have appeared in various publications and she regularly presents lectures focused on preserving and caring for archival, museum and library collections. Her dissertation is entitled “Secret Vaults of Forgotten Treasures: Freemasonry’s Collections and Material Culture in a Declining Fraternal Age.” Previously she held the position of the University Archivist for the Perdue Museum and Archives at Salisbury University and as the Librarian/Archivist for the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C.

Heather is a native New Mexican, born and raised in Albuquerque. She actively serves in philanthropic endeavors to raise awareness for children with intestinal failure. Heather lives with her husband Rev. Todd Wm. Kissam and seven year old son Simon in historic Chestertown, Maryland. 


  • Society of American Archivists
  • American Library Association
  • Association of College and Research Libraries 
  • Mid Atlantic Regional Archives Association 


Department Liaison


American Studies, Anthropology, Education, History, Religion, Philosophy, and Psychology

Select Publications


“Augmented Archives: Making Archives and Special Collections Accessible Through Augmented Reality,” in the upcoming LITA Guide, Library Go: Augmented Reality in Libraries, in collaboration with Raven Bishop, June 2018. 

“The Purple of our Fraternity: Caring for our Material Culture,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXXII, Number 3, May/June 2014, 18-20.

“Emblems of Decoration: Jewels at the House of the Temple,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXXI, Number 3, May/June 2013, 12-14. 

“Perdue Museum and Archives News,” Museum Archivist, Summer 2012, Vol. 22, Issue 2, 10. 

“The Great Light: Rare Bibles in the Scottish Rite Library,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXX, Number 2, May/June 2012. 

“The Secrets of Heredom,” Reprinted in The Square, The Independent Magazine for Freemasons, United Kingdom, March 2010. 

“Legend of the Wild West: Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Brother Christopher “Kit” Carson,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXVII, Number 4, July/August 2009, 21-22. 

“The Traveling Lodge: Surviving the Move,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXV, Number 1, January/February, 2007, 9-11. 
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“Lazy Man’s Guide to Masonic Enlightenment,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXIII, Number 5, September/October 2005, 4-7. 

“Mysteries of the Lodge Goat Revealed,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXIII, Number 4, July/August 2005, 8-10. 

“A Fraternal Chain: Jeremy Ladd Cross and the Symbols of Freemasonry,” Scottish Rite Journal, Volume CXIII, Number 3, May/June 2005, 4-6. 

“The Supreme Council Library and Museum, 1801–1939,” in Heredom, The Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society, Volume 12, (Washington: D.C., 2004). 

Community Involvement

  • Founder and Board Member, Historical Society of American Fraternalism, 2015-present
  • Publicity Chair, Chestertown Harry Potter Festival, 2015-present 
  • Executive Board Member, J.H. Rathbone Museum 2015-present
Campus Involvement

Chapter Advisor, Alpha Chi Omega, Beta Pi Chapter
Advisory Committee on Appointments
Advocate for Victims of Sexual Assault