Reilly Cox

Class of 2016
Major/Minor: English/Drama Major, Creative Writing Minor

Campus Involvement
  • Shows
  • Writers Union
  • Sigma Tau Delta
  • Lit House Print Shop



Westminster, MD. It’s like if you imagine a less-pretty Chestertown.


What do you do for a campus job or work study?

MPC Consultant; Collegian Staff Writer; Cherry Tree Poetry Screener.


What is your favorite thing about Sunday?

I actually used to have an incredible fear of Sundays, or that I would experience the feeling of perpetual Sundays, or that the Sunday would never end. But I don’t get that feeling anymore, so that’s nice. Also, brunch.


What are you most looking forward to this year?


That it won’t be 2014. Had a similar feeling towards 2013.


What is your favorite thing about WAC?

My favorite thing about the campus is the quiet places to go and sit, or to go and not sit quietly, but my favorite things about the school has to be the professors. I really lucked out with them (though all apologies to them for losing out with me).


Why did you choose your major?


I didn’t choose the Drama major, the Drama major chose me. As for English? Never gave it a second thought- books just always seemed to be a defining feature.