Office of the President

Hugh McGuire

3rd Principal (President) of Washington College

Dr. Hugh McGuire edited the 1820 classic Davidson’s Latin Grammar; revised, improved and enlarged by Davidson, James, 1732-1809. He was a professor of Greek and Latin for over forty years in Maryland at both Washington College and St. John’s College and in the District of Columbia.

He opened an academy in August 1807 in Washington, D.C., where he taught Latin, Greek, mathematics, geography, bookkeeping, etc., for $40 per annum; English grammar, reading, writing, and arithmetic, for $24 per annum. After teaching at this school a short time, he was selected principal of the public academy, and a year later established a school at Bladensburg, Maryland which failed of support. In 1812, he returned to Georgetown and opened a school near the Union Tavern where he taught Latin, Greek, and the common English branches. 

In 1822, Dr. McGuire was the Principal and taught at the Classical and English Seminary in St. Paul’s Lane. 

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