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John Gould

Class of 2016
Major/Minor: Business Management

lessons learned from competing and working with a team can translate to almost any profession

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? How do you apply your LAE in your current career?

A liberal arts education has allowed me to be more versatile in both how I learn and my problem solving abilities. Using multiple perspectives to solve any problem is much more efficient than taking a single approach.

Who was your favorite faculty/staff member? Story?

Dr. Scout was my favorite professor. I went on a summer business trip to Germany and the Czech Republic with him and took a handful of his classes. His candidness and humor were refreshing and I learned a great deal from him.

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

My favorite Washington College memories all come from my time spent at the boathouse and on the water.

It is your graduation day. What advice would you now give your younger self?

Explore off campus opportunities earlier in my college career. A lot of businesses in town are open to teaching and working with students even if it is just for a couple of hours a week. Get out there and learn something outside of the classroom!

Campus Involvement
  • Men’s Rowing Team
  • SGA Secretary of Service


Men’s Rowing

How did your experience in Athletics influence your college experience?

My experience in athletics forced me to work around a schedule. With almost 20% of my day dedicated to practice and other team activities, sticking to a schedule was essential. Also, lessons learned from competing and working with a team can translate to almost any profession.