Graylin Hughes

Class of 2016
Major/Minor: English, Political Science Minor

As a journalist, I use my LAE every day. My job includes researching, writing, and communicating with other people about a wide variety of topics.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? How do you apply your LAE in your current career?

As a journalist, I use my LAE every day. My job includes researching, writing, and communicating with other people about a wide variety of topics. My LAE enabled me to do all of these successfully. I took education classes, which helps me write about the education stories I am assigned. With my political science minor, I am able to interpret data and policies that I am shown and present these facts to the public in an easy-to-understand manor. My English degree is probably what I use most, as the vast majority of my job involves being able to present ideas clearly. Although I have not been in the workforce for long, I look back at what my LAE taught me and I apply it to everything I write.

Who was your favorite faculty/staff member? Story?

This is an extremely hard question as every member of the faculty and staff impacted me in some way. Dr. Richard DeProspo was crucial in helping me come up with and write my thesis, which to this day is the best piece of writing I have ever done and my proudest academic accomplishment. Dr. Richard Gillin helped greatly with my development as a writer and the ability to communicate. Dr. Aaron Krochmal served as a dear and trusted advisor for life in general. Prof. Erin Counihan helped teach me a lot of the background on education which continues to aid me into my career. Dr. Joseph Prud’homme was just a great professor overall who taught me a lot about the legal system and the way America functions in general. Dr. Elizabeth O’Connor aided me greatly during my internship the summer between my junior and senior years as an intern for the company I work for now. Dr. Kate Moncrief was great at getting me out of my comfort zone and comfo rtable enough to make a fool of myself as I tried to recite Shakespeare-poorly I may add. Finally, the staff at College Relationships and Marketing, especially Lindsay Bergman-Debes and Erin Oittinen, where I worked during my time at WAC helped me greatly in realizing what I want to do when I grow up and gave me a solid writing portfolio to show to my future employers. For all of these reasons and more, I thank each and every one of these people.

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

My four years at Washington College truly were the best four years of my life. It’s hard to pick a specific memory but here are some highlights: graduation, the Mount Vernon cruise at the end of my senior year, sledding down the hill in front of the Hill Dorms on a snowy day, and volunteering with either Kappa Sigma or Best Buddies. At the heart of all these, though, are the incredible friends I made throughout my four years at WAC that I will value and treasure for the rest of my life.

Did your Senior Capstone Experience (or thesis project) have a major influence on your future career or your personal growth? If so, please explain what your SCE entailed and how it influenced who or where you are today.

Although my career has not enabled me to dig deeper into my SCE topic (yet), I still use the techniques I gained during my SCE process in my job, such as revision, research, and determination.

Campus Involvement
  • Best Buddies, Member
  • Best Buddies Fundraising Chair: Fall 2014-Fall 2015
  • Kappa Sigma, Omicron-Phi chapter, Brother
  •  Kappa Sigma Alumni Relations Chair: Fall 2015
  • Media Assistant for College Relations and Marketing: Fall 2014-Spring 2016