Environmental Science and Studies

Andrew Case

Teaching Fellow in Environmental Studies
  • B.A., University of New Hampshire
  • M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

I study the history of environmentalism, consumer culture, and changing ideas about ecology, science, health, and the environment in the twentieth century. 

My book, The Organic Profit: Rodale and the Making of Making of Marketplace Environmentalism, will be published in March 2018 by the University of Washington Press’s Weyerhaeuser Series.

For more information about The Organic Profit, I invite you to follow the book on social media.


I teach several courses for first-year students as part of Washington College’s FYS program:

Trashed: Consuming and Disposing in the Past and Present 
Lighting Things on Fire: Energy, Society, and the Environment
The War Over Wolves
The Global History of Water


Special Topics courses in Environmental Studies:

The Roots of Sustainability (Fall 2015)
Landscapes of Health (Spring 2016)
Environment and Media (Fall 2016)
Political Ecology (Spring 2017)