College Relations & Marketing

Meghan Livie ’09

Director of Marketing Communications

As the Director of Marketing Communications, Meghan oversees projects for Admissions and CRM from creation to completion.

She creates and edits content for Admissions as well as College Relations and Marketing, and assists with the editing and content creation for Washington College Magazine. Meghan also manages CRM staff support, interns and student workers, as well as Admissions communications support staff and student workers.

Meghan is always on the lookout for faculty news and updates, student spotlight stories, and collaborations between students and professors. Contact her if you have any story ideas you’d like to share.

A 2009 graduate of WC with a BA in English, Meghan has previously held positions as a Marketing Web Editor for and most recently, as the Assistant Director of Communications for Advancement. During her time with Advancement, she produced and edited all Advancement publications, wrote for WC Magazine, and was responsible for all Alumni Social Media output.