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Geographic Information Systems

Josh Hyde

Class of 2016



Josh Hyde is a senior at Washington College majoring in Anthropology with a minor in History. He is working on the MHSO-5 grant that focuses on Traffic Records Improvement as a programmer. ArcGIS runs through the Python language, allowing for programmers to create entirely new tools that can be implemented in our projects. Currently, Josh has been updating and testing an ETIX Geocoder that can update location data and geospatial data for a given dataset. Once updated, this tool could be used on a county by county basis, significantly reducing the time students spend geocoding data. When not working on this new geocoder, Josh will monitor other tools used by the MHSO team to make sure they run without issues, then making repairs if necessary. He has also worked with Prince George’s county and Anne Arundel county E-TIX citations to see if there are any patterns in driving behavior, specifically with aggressive driving. He attended the National Highway Safety Conference in Nashville, TN on behalf of the lab to present a poster showing the results of our case study of aggressive driving in Prince George’s County. Other projects that Josh has worked on include the PG Take 30 program and Highway Infographics, along with several Ad-Hoc projects.

History and Anthropology
Campus Involvement:

Josh is part of the Washington College Veterans Association and Kappa Sigma fraternity. He also enjoys playing soccer and football in his free time.