Jason Mercando

Class of 2017
Major/Minor: Biology / Chemistry and Mathematics

Campus Involvement
  • Officer in Kappa Alpha.  
  • Member of the Washington College swim team.
  • Resident assistant (RA) of Talbot House.
  • Student Events Board (SEB).




Pennsburg PA, about 1 hour north of Philadelphia

How long have you been a tutor? 

I have worked for only 1 semester.  I am starting my second. 

Which subjects/courses are you qualified to tutor?

Calculus and Statistics

What is your favorite place to go in or around Chestertown?

I like to go to the waterfront in spring time.

What is the best class you have taken at WAC?

My favorite class has been Microbiology.

What is your favorite meal in the dining hall?

My favorite meal at the dining hall is Thanksgiving Dinner.