Flynn Geissel

Class of 1995
Major/Minor: Psychology, Humanities

Flynn Geissel is a Washington-DC-based artist who creates award-winning paintings that compel the viewer to confront nature’s alluring mystery. An artist of note, Geissel’s work has been exhibited in two American museums—The Corcoran Gallery of Art and the San Diego Museum of the Living Artist.

A tour of the portfolio is a visual cascade, enveloping the viewer in sunlit meadows and frozen storm clouds. In each piece there is a felling of hidden forces, of something just out of reach. Light and shadow are mingled, letting us feel that each piece may reveal a dark and beautiful truth.

Studying under master painters of the New York Art Students League, including Sherrie McGraw and David Leffel, Geissel paints in the style of Abstract Realism. In this approach, only essential details are executed, using a high contrast between dark and light. The form emerges fully through the viewer’s imagination. Using a reverse process, the drawling that would normally live underneath the paint is achieved on the surface of the work through strong lines and cuts in the paint.

An internationally exhibited artist, Geissel began her art career in the unlikely profession of psychology. Serving two masters, the artist studied painting and psychology, completing a doctoral degree in the latter. Discovering a wealth of artistic material in the study of dreams, the unconscious, and the healing stories of many cultures, Geissel moved further into art as a life calling.

Geissel’s work has been exhibited in Lindon and regularly on the New York art scene in galleries such as NAWA Gallery and The Jeffrey Leder Gallery. Two pieces of her work are currently on display in the College’s Admissions Visitors Center.