Becky Lowder

Class of 2009
Major/Minor: English/ Secondary Education Certification

After graduation, Becky had the good fortune of getting hired as an English/Language Arts teacher for Cecil County Public Schools in August of 2009. She teaches 12th grade English at Rising Sun High School and is working on her Masters in English Literature through Washington College.

Teaching and school activities dominant much of Becky’s time, as she is the Yearbook Advisor and Class of 2015 advisor for students at her school. Both of these positions require much of her time for event planning and fundraising. Between planning senior week events in 2009 for WC, event planning for students at her school, her own wedding, her sister’s wedding, and now the pre-wedding events for a friend as the matron of honor, she feels more than capable of assisting in the execution of a fantastic Alumni Weekend for the Class of 2009!

Campus Involvement

She was president of the Class of 2009 for the 2008-2009 academic year, serving on the class committee for the three years prior to her election. She also worked as a Resident Assistant and Miller Library employee at WC.