Kyle A. Rugletic

Class of 2018
Major/Minor: Political Science and U.S Government

Graduated summa cum laude from Northeast High School in Philadelphia, PA

Campus Involvement
  • The Raggedy Ann and Andy(TM) Scholarship Recipient ’13 - present

  • Sigma Alpha Pi Inducted Member ’15 - present

  • NSHSS Inducted Member ’09 - present

  • College Democrats of America, Member ’13 - present

  • State of Maryland Democrats, Member ’13 - present 

  • President, College Democrats, ’13 - ’16

  • Internship Coordinator, Illinois Tenth Congressional District Democrats ’16

  • Habitat For Humanity ’13-’14

  • Legislative Assistant, Pennsylvania House of Representatives ’13 - ’16



Q&A with Kyle

Favorite Chestertown hangout?

Without a doubt, the college waterfront location in Wilmer Park. This is the place where I proposed to my Fiancée and bride-to-be, Julia Cohn WAC Alumna ’16. We loved getting off campus for an afternoon drive to escape the stresses of college life for a picnic on a beautiful, sunny day and just lay on the grass listening to the waters. Along the way, we would usually stop downtown and get the popular WAC student drink at Play It Again Sam, (the Alaskan).

Favorite thing to order at the “Cove”?

I would have to go with one of Martha’s Kitchen specialty “secret” sandwiches known as The Tipson. Basically, it is this freshly hand-battered sandwich, crispy chicken breast on toasted Texas Toast with melted Cheddar Cheese, Barbeque Sauce, and Ranch Dressing. YUM!!

Favorite Professor and course?

I would have to say Dr. Jennifer Benson’s Introduction to Political Philosophy course. Unlike the Introduction to Philosophy and other traditional college courses, this upper-level Philosophy courses extends beyond human thought and challenged me to think above and beyond intellectually. Its primary focus is on the development of moral reasoning skills and the application of those skills to contemporary social and political issues. Although the course is organized around the central concept of justice, it uses this notion as a point of departure for discussing a wide range of philosophical topics and perspectives. Topics we studied ranged from the value of human life, the moral standing of the free market, and the notion of fundamental human rights, to equality of opportunity and the conditions for a moral community. We studied a number of important moral and political philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant, Jean-Paul Sartre, Friedrich Nietzsche, and John Rawls.