Alex Roberts

Class of 2017
Major/Minor: Mathematics and Computer Science / Philosophy

Hello!  As you can see my name is Alex Roberts and I am a student at Washington College.  I was born and raised in Bel Air, Maryland - only about a two hour drive from WAC.  The fun fact I always give people when I’m asked for one for an ice breaker is that I was born on Halloween.  Or I’ll tell people about my interests.  These include improv, beatboxing, reading (non-fiction), video games, and hanging out with friends in any form.  I began attending Washington College in the Fall of 2013.  I have loved it more and more ever since.  Washington college has helped me develop further interests in both academic and recreational endeavors.  I am so thankful for being able to attend WAC and be a part of its amazing community!

Campus Involvement

Peer Mentor

GIS Apprentice at WAC GIS Lab

Computer Science Tutor

Co-President of Improv Club

Treasurer/Member of Maryland Student Legislature

Beatboxer for WACapella

Member of Math Club

Member of Computer Science Club

Intramural Sports

Comedy Week

A little Q & A:

Why did I choose my current fields of study?

When I first entered Washington College, my plan was to major in Computer Science.  I had taken many Comp. Sci. classes in high school and they had peaked my interest.  Then as my first year progressed, a math professor who knew me well and knew that I liked math convinced me to take upon a math minor - he shortly convinced me to go even further and major in Mathematics.  After looking at all the classes I needed to take, I saw I still had enough room in my schedule to pursue a minor.  Ever since I was young, I always thought about taking philosophy classes in college.  Because of this, I added a Philosophy minor.  I am so glad I am able to pursue all of these fields as they all interest me deeply.

Where is my favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is definitely the Gibson Center for the Arts.  It is so for many reasons.  First, Gibson is where our improv troop rehearses.  These rehearsals are priceless as they are both productive and goofy.  They help us improve and grow as a team while also letting us make immature jokes and have a great time.  Second, Gibson is also where WACapella has its rehearsals and concerts.  WACapella is a group that is always so enthusiastic and ready to have a good time.  Our rehearsals are always so fun and our concerts always so amazing.  Lastly, Gibson is a great place to work/study when the library is full; it’s always good to have it as a backup plan to be productive.

What do I do to procrastinate?

In the midst of college life, you need a little “me” time.  These are my top three ways to procrastinate at college.  The first way I procrastinate is by playing video games with friends who also want to procrastinate.  This way, us neglecting our responsibilities becomes a sort-of team building experience.  Another technique of mine is to watch a long series of Youtube videos while promising myself that the next video is “totally gonna definitely be the last one”.  My final and favorite method is organizing all the objects in my room even though they don’t appear to need organizing.  This method is my favorite because it is the most effective at pretending to emulate real productivity.


1. What is your hometown?
Bel Air, MD
2. How long have you been working at the Quantitative Skills Center?
This is my first semester.
3. What subjects do you tutor?
Computer Science 1, 2, and Discrete Math
4. What is the best memory you have about WAC?
My entire time here
5. What is your favorite place in or around Chestertown?
6. What is your favorite place on campus?
Gibson for WACapella and Improv rehearsals
7. Who is your favorite professor?
Dr. Schwartz
8. What is the best class you have taken at WAC?
Ethics with Dr. McCabe
9. What is your favorite meal in the dining hall?
Grilled Chicken and Curly Fries