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Geographic Information Systems

Marissa Seidel

Class of 2016


Marissa is a Senior at Washington College. She will be graduating in the Fall Semester with a double major in Anthropology and American Studies, as well as two minors in History and Black Studies. Marissa is training to be a Historical Archaeologist, focusing on the early colonial life. In addition to working in the archaeology lab, she also enjoys working in the GIS Lab. Marissa is the Project Manager for the Eastern Shore Harvest Directory. The Harvest Directory is an online, in print, and smart phone application which allows the user to find local agricultural items at a farm near them, rather than buying their farm products from the grocery store. It strives to bring more business to local farmers and other agro-businesses, as well as to decrease the distance traveled between food and a person’s table. In addition to the management experience Marissa is gaining with Washington College’s GIS program, she has worked for the State of Pennsylvania in their GIS department. She is also approaching 5 years of customer service experience. Her hobbies include crocheting and other crafts, cooking, and a strong interest in Maryland Wine, wine tasting and supporting local wineries.

Anthropology/ American Studies/ History/Black Studies