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Geographic Information Systems

Michael Deck

Class of 2015


Meet Michael, he has worked with Maryland Highway Safety Office department of the GIS Lab on projects that map the locations of DUIs and a Hotspot analysis from the locations. He has redesigned the GIS on the Chester blog and helped redesign the Upper Shore Harvest Directory Website. On the Upper Shore Harvest Directory, he has redesigned the website to run off of PHP scripts instead of normal HTML webpages. Also, he just implemented a Google Maps API to plot the locations of each business. He has worked with Andrew Wright on GOCCP projects, requiring his programming skills in Python, Java,  C++, and some VBA.  He also helped build the Town of Galena website and has worked with Stephanie Ireland on the I2 Project, analyzing linkages.  

His other interests include Bowling Club, German Club, and Tennis Club. Outside of the GIS Lab, he is studying Databases and their implementations. He is currently researching NoSQL as a possible topic for his senior thesis.

Math and Computer Science dual major and German minor