Dominic Lathos

Class of 2015
Major/Minor: Anthropology

Campus Involvement
  • Safe Ride, VP
  • Small Craft Guild, President
  • Technician and Usher in the Gibson Center for the Arts
  • WC Voyager


Hometown: Santa Maria, CA

What are you up to this summer? I will be catching up with relatives in California and Oregon. I also hope to get a part-time job in my town. I am most looking forward to going to the beach and spending time with my family.

Tell us about your research experience. I have completed two research studies. Last semester, I examined how religious leaders in the community came to their positions as church leaders. I completed my second research study (“A Preliminary Investigation on the Effects of the Criminalization of Youth Offenses”) this past semester; it focused on the criminalization of youth offenses. I studied two models of institutionalization: the group home and the detention facility model. 

What should every student do before he or she graduates? Every student should take a Philosophy class. Although I am not pursuing either a major or a minor in philosophy, if I had more room in my schedule then I would most certainly take as many philosophy classes as I possibly could. Philosophy will help you with every other class that you take, not only with your critical thinking skills, but also your ability to convey ideas in a clear and concise manner. It makes you question all of your beliefs and that is an invaluable experience that everyone needs to go through, something that is an integral component of one’s college education. 

Favorite Chestertown hangout? I love to go to the Freeze. When you are craving a simple meal of a burger and a shake, it’s the best place to go with your friends. They have so many options on their menu and there are always a lot of college students coming and going.