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Judith Barroll ’88 M’91

Interim Director of Alumni Relations and Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship

A graduate of Washington College with a BA and MA in Psychology, Judie Barroll ’88 M’91, is the Interim Director of Alumni Relations and the Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship here at Washington College.

Judie ensures that Washington College meets and exceeds its fiduciary and moral responsibilities to the College’s donors. She assumes a leadership role in maintaining and strengthening connections between donors and members of the College community;  assists with the acknowledgement and recognition of gifts from donors; and oversees and influences the Legacy Giving and Donor engagement responsibilities. 

Judie has served as a member of the Washington College staff since 1984 (with a 7 year leave). She has served on the College’s Athletic Hall of Fame Committee, Sho’men Club Board and was the first Chair of the Administrative Staff Council.


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