Betsy Stillings

Class of 1984
Major/Minor: Biology

Betsy was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001. Her citation is below:

Betsy Beard Stillings matriculated to Washington College in the fall of 1979 from St. Andrews in Middletown, Del, where she was the coxswain for the girls’ crew. In 1979 she served as the coxswain of the U.S. National Team of Girls’ Eight which competed in Europe. When she arrived on the Washington College campus she immediately began making an impact on the men’s rowing program. Simply put, without an experienced coxswain, a rowing crew would be almost incapable of developing into a strong unit. During the two years that Betsy served as coxswain of the men’s four and eight rowing shells, both junior varsity and varsity, she developed her skills immensely. The “cox,” as the coxswain is better known, is primarily in charge of the boat throughout the time the boat is in the water. The cox controls the steering the boat, giving orders and managing the pace of the stroke. During the early years, as rowing was developing into of the most attractive sports at Washington College, the crew operated with out-of-date equipment, requiring the ingenuity of those competing. The coxswain today is aided by rigging mechanisms and computerized equipment not available to Betsy when she “coxed” for the Maroon and Black. Needless to say, she performed admirably. During her sophomore year she served as co-captain of the men’s rowing program. This experience prepared her for the great things to come.

Betsy left Washington College in 1981 enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 1984 she obtained a BS degree in pharmacy from the university as well as her BS degree in biology from Washington College. During the 1982 and 1983 rowing seasons she was the coxswain for the University of Washington women’s crew program. The rowing experience she gained at both schools prepared her to become a coxswain for the 1984 and the 1988 Olympic Rowing Teams. She received an Olympic Gold Medal in 1984 when the team representing the United States finished in first place. She later served as the coxswain of the 1988 team which finished sixth. Other honors bestowed upon Betsy include being an Olympic Torchbearer in 1986, being inducted into the U.S. Rowing Hall of Fame in 1984, receiving the 1985 Olympia Award and being nominated Sportstar of the Year by the Seattle-Intelligence. Chestertown honored Betsy’s accomplishments by declaring August 23, 1984 Betsy Beard Dayl, and in February 1985 the female legislators of the Maryland General Assembly named her the Exceptional Woman in Maryland.

Through her participation in crew, Betsy has brought honor not only to Washington College, but to the State of Maryland and to the United States. Betsy is now employed as a pharmacist at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, specializing in investigational drugs undergoing clinical trials, mostly related to oncology treatment. She previously worked in the neonatal intensive care pharmacy.

Washington College is honored and proud to induct Betsy Beard Stillings into the Washington College Athletic Hall of Fame on this 6th day of October, 2001.