Edward Stevens

Edward was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1994. His citation is below:

Ed Stevens is yet another of the outstanding student-athletes who came to Washington College from Crosby High School in Waterbury, Connecticut. One of the most versatile athletes to compete for the Maroon and Black, he earned eleven varsity letters during his college career.

At 6’6”, Ed was one of the tallest Washington College players of his time, and Coach Tom Kibler saw his potential. Ellis Dwyer ‘35, a Washington College Athletic Hall of Famer who was one of the most outstanding high school basketball coaches in the State of Pennsylvania, remarked that Ed Stevens, in his last two years at college, had developed into one of the best basketball players to have ever represented Washington College.

Harry S. Russell, editor and sports columnist at the Enterprise, heaped high praise on Stevens. In March 1931 he wrote: “During this last season Stevens has proved to be one of the greatest guards ever developed at Washington College. He has no peer at the art of taking the ball from the backboard; his defensive play has been superb; and a review of the scoring record for the local team during the past campaign shows Stevens to be the highest scorer by a substantial margin.”

Aside from playing guard, forward, and center on the basketball team, Ed was both an offensive and defensive end on the football team and an attackman in lacrosse. He tossed the javelin and high jumped in track. His height served him to advantage when he played varsity tennis. Lacrosse was a rookie sport in Stevens’s sophomore year–he has the distinction of scoring the first official goal in varsity competition for the Sho’men.

Ed was an all-around student as well, participating in the college orchestra and serving on the Student Council. He belonged to the Adelphia Club, the Phi Sigma Tau fraternity, the Varsity Club, and the Leaders Club. At his Commencement, he received the Philadelphia Chapter Alumni Medal for the Best All-Around Senior and the Gold Pentagon award for meritorious service to Washington College.

Washington College is very proud to induct Edward L. Stevens into its Athletic Hall of Fame on this first day of October, 1994.