Harry Russell

Harry is a member of the Hall of Fame. His citation appears below:

Harry S. Russell had ties with Washington College that lasted for 50 years.

He played football, basketball and baseball after World War I and assisted Tom Kibler as coach, scout and associate in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

His greatest overall service to the Washington College athletic program was as a sports writer and as chairman of the Athletic Council. The Council during Harry Russell’s 30-year tenure was responsible for the planning, management and accountability of the athletic program.

He was a newspaperman for most of his working career; editor of The Enterprise, his father’s newspaper, and in his final years editor of the Kent County News. He was a fine columnist and wrote a number of sports columns, including The Clubhouse, using the pen name – “The Ol’ Scout.”

He served actively for three decades as a member of the Board of Visitors and Governors of Washington College.

A great conversationalist, Harry Russell was in demand as a toastmaster and after-dinner speaker. He presided over many athletic banquets.

He helped reinstate lacrosse as a varsity sport in 1948 and he helped save it in 1957 by talking Don Kelly into taking over the head coaching position when Dr. Charles B. Clark resigned. A great friend of Tom Kibler’s, he succeeded him as President of the Eastern Shore Baseball League.

There is no way to measure his contribution to the success of Washington College sports programs during his lifetime. It might suffice to say: it was great.