Maurice Rayme

Class of 1931
Major/Minor: Math, Chemistry

Maurice is a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame. His citation is below:

Maurice was a great athlete whose collegiate playing career was cut short by knee injuries. He played the outfield in baseball in 1927 and 1928 and basketball at guard in 1931. He also coached the soccer team at Chestertown High School to the 1931 state championship.

He completed a bachelor’s degree with emphasis on math and chemistry, spent two years playing minor league baseball and teaching at Easton and Sparrows Point, then joined the Glen L. Martin Company as an engineer.

Later at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas, he coached American Legion and Connie Mack League baseball teams. He has worked with more than 1000 boys during his 36 years of coaching.

He has been a tremendous leader of boys’ baseball teams and summer leagues. He sent a great number of top baseball players to Washington College. He received an Alumni Citation in 1983 for public service.