Louis Thibodeau

Louis is a member of the Hall of Fame. His citation is below:

A 1912 graduate of Washington College, Louis Thibodeau never forgot his alma mater. In his college days, Thibodeau was a small, but game, football quarterback. His contributions to his college, though, were large, and continued throughout his lifetime.

As principal at Crosby High School in Waterbury, Connecticut, Thibodeau guided many outstanding athletes to Washington College, among them Fred (“Dutch”) Dumbschott, Bobby Cavanaugh (who drop-kicked a record -setting 55-yard field goal to beat St. John’s, 3 - 0 ), Henry and George Carrington, and Eddie Keenan – all Hall of Famers.

In the 1930s, he was the recipient of the Gold Pentagon Medal for outstanding service to Washington College. In 1957, Thibodeau received the Alumni Citation from Washington College. It read, in part: “Visionary educator and counselor of young people, he has enriched the lives of generations who were fortunate enough to come under the spell of his teachings.”

Louis Thibodeau died on December 8, 1958.