Michael Kardash

Mike is a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame. His citation is below:

Michael (Mike) Kardash, a native of Baltimore, Maryland entered Washington College in 1937 and was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1941. Entering the freshmen class with boundless energy and enthusiasm he soon took the campus by storm. To older students he may have appeared a little brash and in need of guidance. When he reported to Coach Kibler on the baseball field he met the man who directed that energy toward the goal of excellence. Mike does not hesitate to ex-pound on the virtues of Coach Kibler as a man and as a coach.

Mike was a fine short stop who played the position in professional style. He had great range and possessed a strong accurate throwing arm. His excellent fielding and timely hitting were important contributions to the success of the baseball team which won the Maryland Collegiate League championship for four successive years. Because of his performance on the field of play he was selected on the All Maryland team for three years.

Despite his size, or lack of it, Mike was also a fine basket-ball player. He was very fast and was fearless when cutting for the basket. A fine outside shot, he was equally effective on the inside. One of the local reporters referred to him as the “Mighty Mite”, a description that was very appropriate for this fine athlete.

Following his graduation he was associated with professional baseball for five years, as a player and a manager in the minor leagues. Later he served as a scout for the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox. In 1961 he was elected president of the Maryland Professional Baseball Players Association.

Realizing he had no future in professional baseball he entered the field of business as a salesman with Schenley, Inc. When he retired in the early 1970’s he was the Regional Sales Manager for Maryland, Washington and Delaware. Mike is an avid golfer who has won the club championship at the Rehoboth Country Club in 1960, 1962, and 1967. In 1971 he was elected President of the Delaware State Golf Association and in 1975 was champion of the Delmarva Peninsula Amateur Golf Association.