John Jennings

Jack Jennings, alias “Mule”, anchored Washington College’s fine soccer and lacrosse defenses of the 1950’s decade.

At fullback in soccer he earned Mason-Dixon and All-South honors in 1953. When he returned from military service in 1957 he achieved All-South honors and gained honorable mention as an All-American.

He capped his collegiate soccer career as a 1st team All-American and Mason-Dixon Conference performer in 1958 on Ed Athey’s 7–2–1 powerhouse.

Jennings, who had been outstanding in baseball in high school made the change to lacrosse at Washington College appear effortless.

Coach Charlie Clark said, “From the beginning I knew Mule would someday be an All-American. He broke into the line-up after early season and was an instant success. I never had a recruit pick up the stickwork and become very smooth with it, so soon.”

Outstanding as a sophomore at close defense on Clark’s 1954 championship team, he returned from the service to play in 1958 for Don Kelly.

Clark summed up Jack Jennings attributes, “Mule was so fully coachable, so talented, so physically blessed.”