Thomas Finnegan

Thomas is a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame. His citation is copied below:

Thomas J. Finnegan was a standout in athletics during the 1963–65 period at Washington College.

A transfer from Seton Hall, he excelled in basketball, baseball and soccer.

Averaging 29.5 points in his 38 cage games over a two year period, Tom Finnegan scored a record 51 points against Stevens Tech. in 1963. At guard and as captain he was named to the small college All-American team both years. He finished 10th in scoring in the nation.

A productive hitter and a fine fielding shortstop, he played professional baseball in the Chicago Cub farm system (1965). As a senior he was a first team Mason-Dixon and Middle-Atlantic selection.

He ran cross country and lettered in 1963. In soccer he anchored Washington College’s outstanding 1964 team in the goal.

Tom Finnegan won the Athletic Council Award, twice he was awarded the Spedden Medal, and he received both the Eliason Award and the Simpers Medal for excellence in academics and athletics.

Following graduation, Tom Finnegan coached basketball, baseball and football at McDonogh School from 1966 to 1970. He came to Washington College as head basketball coach in the fall of 1970. He has also coached baseball and tennis.

His 123 basketball victories (1970–1983) is second only to J. Thomas Kibler.

Tom Finnegan has brought fame to Washington College both as a player and a coach. His induction into the Hall of Fame, while still in his coaching prime, is a direct reflection of his true athletic worth and greatness.

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