John Cheek

John was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 1993. His citation is copied below:

Who will ever forget the lacrosse exploits of John Cheek on behalf of Washington College in the mid-1970’s?

Although John’s fans knew him primarily by his offensive skills, many lacrosse experts recognized his talent in all facets of the game. His better than average speed enabled him to outrun opponents for ground balls and, just as quickly, let a hard, accurate shot fly towards the opponent’s goal. When John was playing the game, Washington College was always a threat to even the contest. Washington College’s all-time goal scorer, John put 212 shots into the back of the net. Among all those who have played the game for the Sho’men, he ranks 13th in assists. He was shut out in only one game in his entire collegiate career, and only then because he was used as a decoy so that others might score.

John was a “blue chip” lacrosse player who could have played for any intercollegiate lacrosse team in the country. According to his teammates and coaches, he played his best in the biggest games, especially in the play-off game for the NCAA Division III Championship.

He was selected to the USILA Division III 1975 All-America Second Team and in 1976 and 1977 was chosen as the USILA “Attackman of the Year.” He participated on the South Squad in the 1977 annual North/South All-Star game.

John is presently employed as a vice president for Alex. Brown & Sons in Baltimore.

Washington College considers it an honor to induct John Caldwell Cheek into its Athletic Hall of Fame on this date of Saturday, October 2, 1993.