Henry Carrington

Henry is a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame. His citation is copied below:

Henry W. Carrington, a native of Waterbury, Connecticut was a member of the original Flying Pentagon, Washington College’s legendary basketball team of 1922-23. Defensive play and the ability to score from outside earned him the reputation as one of the finest guards of the era. In addition to basketball he also demonstrated skills on the football and baseball fields. He earned six varsity letters during his two years at Washington College.

He entered Arnold College in 1924 to complete work in physical education. Upon finishing studies he was asked to remain at Arnold to coach. Later experiences included coaching assignments at Yale University as mentor of the freshman basketball team and also trainer of the Nova Scotia Victoria hockey team. As an example of his versatility he umpired for several years in the old Eastern Shore Professional Baseball League.

In 1942 he joined the athletic staff at Washington College, where he remained five years as coach baseball, basketball and soccer.

“His life was devoted to athletics for it enabled him to work with young people whom he dearly loved, which they returned in double measure,” said by Flying Pentagon teammate, Fred W. “Dutch” Dumbschott.