Doris Bell

Class of 1950
Major/Minor: English

Doris was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 1981. Her citation is copied below:


Doris Thistle Bell, the first instructor of women’s physical training at Washington College, was born in 1896 and educated in Boston. A trim, graceful and talented woman, she had been a member of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet for one year.

In 1926, Doris was appointed part-time instructor in physical training. She conducted classes in calisthenics and directed the highly acclaimed June Pageant of 1927. In 1928, she became full-time instructor and helped organize women’s leagues in basketball and field hockey. She also developed programs for women in archery, tennis, badminton, volleyball and fencing. During many noon hours, she also instructed men in ballroom dancing.

Being the first lady of women’s athletics at Washington College, and holding the respect and admiration of students, she was awarded the Gold Pentagon in 1958, an honor well deserved.

As time permitted, Doris took courses at the college majoring in English. In 1950, she completed her bachelor of arts degree, an achievement of which she was most proud. In 1960, she was appointed Assistant Professor of Physical Education.

Following retirement from the athletic department in 1965, Doris became Resident Director of Women’s Dormitories until 1970, when she retired after forty-four years of devoted service to Washington College.

INDUCTED October 9, 1981.