Edward Athey

Edward was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 1982. His citation is copied below:


Edward L. Athey ‘47, a native of Moundsville, West Virginia, attended high school in Cumberland, Maryland and began college at Frostburg before transferring to Washington College. A successful student and versatile athlete, he distinguished himself as a quarterback in football, guard on the championship basketball team of 1942-43 and an outfielder on the baseball team. World War II interrupted his collegiate career while he served with the rank of captain in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot. After his discharge, Ed returned to Washington College completing his A.B. degree in June 1947. At commencement he was awarded the Gold Pentagon, Clark-Porter Character medal and was named best all around athlete.

Ed attended Columbia University where he earned his Master’s Degree in June 1948. In the fall he was appointed coach of the Washington College basketball team. His induction into the Hall of Fame marks his 34th year as a member of the Washington College faculty. During his career, he coached basketball fifteen years, was assistant and later head coach of baseball spanning twenty-one years, and distinguished himself as soccer coach from 1949 through 1981. Occasionally, he also coached track, tennis and cross country.

As director of athletics for many years, Ed has actively promoted the image of Washington College among associates throughout collegiate athletics. Twice, he was elected president of the Mason-Dioxin Conference and the Middle Atlantic Conference. He is a past president of the Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association and for the past eleven year’s has been secretary of the Association. Ed is admired both for his enthusiasm for the college and for his service to the community. He devotes much constructive energy to the work of the Lions Club and as a member of the administrative board of his church. He also continues to excel in recreational sports both on and off the campus.

Edward L. Athey, whose talents are evident as coach, sports enthusiast and family man, is by his fine example, deserving of his place in the Washington College Hall of Fame.

Inducted this October 15, 1982.