Obella Obbo

Class of 2014
Major/Minor: Psychology / Creative Writing

Obella is notorious not only for his laughter but also his bigger-than-life personality. Still, this fun-loving fellow would like to be known for something a little more serious: his music.

Obella first became interested in music as a chorister in high school. Looking forward to college, he wanted to learn more about music theory, but he was also interested in pursuing a psychology major. When Obella proposed the idea of a double major to his Washington College professors, they encouraged him. “My professors thought music and pyschology was an interesting combination that would lead to an intriguing senior thesis topic,” says Obella.

A vocalist with WACappella and the College’s Vocal Consort, Obella is now taking voice and piano lessons as well as music theory. “These classes are really helpful for my musical development, and my teachers are absolutely excellent. They always go above and beyond for their students.”

Obella is intent on a career in music therapy—a perfect marriage of music and psychology. He hopes to work with autistic children, using music as a means of furthering their development. He already has sights set on graduate school—to earn a master’s in social work and a doctoral degree in psychology—and his own clinical practice specializing in autistic music therapy.

Obella himself understands the power of music. During the WACappella concert last spring, his was invited to sing a solo of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” Even though he had briefly considered dropping out of the vocal ensemble, this performance “just felt right,” he recalls. “Washington College has given me a new appreciation for music, which I didn’t think could happen for me considering how much I already love it.”

Campus Involvement
  • Peer Mentor
  • WACapella co-President
  • SEB Director of Mainstage Events
  • Student Ambassador for Office of Admissions


Hometown: Frederick, MD

What do you do for a campus job or work study?
I am an Admissions Fellow, a student Technician for the Help Desk, and a Peer Mentor.

Have you had any internship, research or study abroad experiences?
I am interning at the aforementioned Rock Creek School this summer. I studied abroad at Royal Holloway, University of London, located in Egham, Surrey during the Fall of 2012, and it was the most incredible experience of my life. In the fall (2013), I will be interning with Dr. Jim Siemen, a Psychology professor, where I will be shadowing his clinic sessions.

How has WC changed your life? Or, what does WC mean to you?
It’s reminded me that everyone can always find a place where they can fit in, and it has showed me how great it is to be surrounded by a group of people who are as invested in something as you are.

What’s it like living in Chestertown?
Surprisingly appealing.  I think people can very easily get intimidated by the “away-from-it-all” vibe that C-town gives off. However, it is the quaintest, most adorable, and perfectly located town you could ever have. It’s not too far from anywhere you want or need to be, and it has everything you could need.