Theatre & Dance

C.J. Sikorski

Class of 2004
Major/Minor: Drama

C.J., also known as Chuck during his years at WAC, graduated with a B.A. in Drama, earning Departmental Honors for his senior thesis production of Wit by Margaret Edson.  Besides his thesis, C.J. performed in and designed numerous productions, but some of C.J.’s favorites were performing in The Laramie Project (Jedadiah Schultz, Dennis Shepard, etc) and Stop Kiss (Peter).

After graduating from WAC, C.J. has continued his theatrical endeavors by working as an actor, designer, and stage manager in the Philadelphia area.  He has had the privilege of working with The Walnut Street Theatre (Les Miserables - 2007), The Arden Theatre Co. (Assassins - 2007), Azuka Theatre (Nerve - 2010), Madhouse Theatre Company (Eric Bogosian’s Funhouse - 2009), Weber-Prianti Productions (West Side Story - 2005) and numerous other companies.  Somewhere along the way, C.J. also got involved with politics and has been working for Congressman Robert Andrews since 2007.  He has found the Holy Grail, if you will:  a full-time job that allows him to continue his theatrical career.

Thoughts On The WC Drama Experience

I wanted to learn as much as I could about every facet of theatre and I feel the Drama Program at WAC was perfect for me. I was able to experiment in all areas without feeling the pressure of concentrating on one like I would in a conservatory setting. I now have the confidence to market myself as an actor, stage manager or designer because I have a background in all those fields. This also helps you once you get out into ‘the real world’ because you collaborate better with your colleagues. If a director has studied nothing but directing, he or she will never know what it’s like to be an actor or a designer. It’s a classic cliché, but once you have stood in someone else’s place, you can be much more effective from your own.

Undergrad Highlights