Theatre & Dance

Larry Stahl

Class of 1981
Major/Minor: Drama


Lecturer in Drama Technical Director, Gibson Center for the Arts


  • B.A., Washington College, 1981
  • M.A., Western Washington University, 1989

Useful Web Sites For Theatre Technicians

    The professional trade association of theatre designers and technicians.
  • ESTA
    The home of the Entertainment Technician Certification Program.
    A privately operated free job search site for non-acting theatre jobs.
  • Sapsis Rigging, Inc
    A Philadelphia-based rigging contractor with excellent information online.
  • Rosco International
    The major manufacturer of lighting accessories and other theatrical materials.
  • Production Advantage, Inc.
    An excellent theatrical supply house; competitive prices.
  • Tools for Stagecraft
    A specialized tool source focused on the needs of stagehands.
  • Stage Lighting for Students
    An excellent description of many elements of stage lighting by two working lighting designers, including some areas where they don’t agree 100%.
  • “What you should know on your first gig”
    A subjective but thorough description of how to show up to the first day of work at a large touring show/rock concert, or any professional theatre when you are “the newbie.”