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Dale Frymark

Class of 2013
Major/Minor: Mathematics

Portfolio focus: Consumer Staples

My industry is Consumer Staples, which focuses on items that households buy regardless of change in income. This includes items like food, beverages, and everyday supplies.

I love having a say in whether we purchase or sell a stock in our portfolio which could be worth $50,000. Researching the company’s model, financial statements, stock trends and ratios are interesting, especially when you actually are a consumer of their products.

Key information sourceWall Street Journal. I like the bar on the left side of the cover page which gives a snapshot of important happenings in business and in the world.

Biggest challenge: I’ve never taken an official class in finance before, so I had to learn a lot of the terminology that I had heard but not understood fully before Alex. Brown.

Career goal: I would like to continue my studies in Mathematics up to the highest possible degree, and then become a professor or mathematician. I’m also interested in computational finance though, and will certainly do work in the field during graduate school.

Advice for prospective members: Stay informed about business and trends in the world. Try to read or at least watch the news everyday. If your high school offers it, take an introductory course in finance or money management.


Campus Involvement
  • Phi Beta Kappa