Lisa Ruedi

Class of 1963

Lisa is the correspondent for the Class of 1963.

Broad strokes of life post-Washington College 1963:   American University graduate school; employed on the Hill through a disillusioning election or two, then crewed on sailboats in and to/from the Caribbean; became guardian of five children through death of my cousin, & settled in to tending them and employment with AARP for 28 years.

Now happily retired & enjoying life and the freedom to follow whatever whim invites,  including visiting those kids (whom I seemingly imbued with my wanderlust, as two live in Australia, one in Alaska, one in Florida, one we’re never sure) and their merry and growing broods.  Just unearthed the 1963 Pegasus, which brought many chuckles, and am looking forward to the 2013 version and seeing how we have all evolved. 

Hope to see you at our 50th reunion. 

My WC Memory:

Seminars w/ Dr. Gerda Blumenthal; classes on the lawn w/ Dr. Norman James; “greening” George’s statue vest and socks for St. Paddy’s day w/ co-conspitator Ann Kane Bailey ‘62

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Class Correspondent.

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