Mindie Kaplan ’96

Mindie Kaplan ’96 came to Washington College “timid and shy and scared,” but she found what she calls the perfect school: a place where she couldn’t hide because her classes were so small, and where the people she met were so welcoming.

“Once I got to WC, I forgot about ‘career’ and I just started exploring,” she says. Her campus job in the computer center led the English and philosophy double major into a new passion. “My hobby became making web pages, and then I got into developing the background, which is just like writing a story or a poem.”

As a Java programmer with Booz Allen Hamilton, she builds web-based programs, “putting puzzle pieces together.” She uses the communications skills she developed at WC to explain her work to non-programmers, and then documents it so that the next team member can pick up where she left off.

“I’m not doing what I thought I would do, but I love it.”