Joshua Rogers

Class of 2015
Major/Minor: Biology / Spanish

Regional Alumni Chapter Leader

Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties, MD

Campus Involvement
  • Peer Mentor
  • President of Service Council
  • Día de Fútbol


Hometown: Jefferson, MD

What do you do for a campus job or work study?
I am a Peer Mentor, a note-taker, and a SafeRide driver.

Have you had any internship, research, or study abroad experiences?
Through the freshmen and sophomore internship/job-shadowing program, I visited Timothy Tawney at NASA in DC for a day and I have also volunteered at the Chester River Hospital Center through the WC-Latino Community Volunteer Program. For the summer of 2014 I stayed on campus to conduct research with Dr. Connaughton in the Biology department.

What does WAC mean to you?
Washington College, for me, is a microcosm of adult life. It is an environment in which I can try new things and test my limits with the support of professors and peers and feel safe to fail. 

What should every student do before they graduate?
Every student should go to/witness all the major traditions at WC at least once.  They should go to downtown Chestertown on a Saturday morning for the Farmer’s Market and the Friday evening of First Friday.  They should walk down to the waterfront, sit in the pavilion and just think for an hour or so. They should attend a senior thesis play, a lecture outside of their major, and something that (to them) sounds dreadfully boring just to see if it actually is.

Favorite Chestertown hangout?

I am in love with the waterfront and the pavilion at Wilmer Park. So peaceful, breezy, and beautiful.

When they make the movie of your life, which actor will play you in the film?

I always liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but who knows? Maybe if I’m lucky, George Clooney.