Amanda Boyer

Class of 2014
Major/Minor: Major: English
Minor: Drama, SED

Campus Involvement

As a student at Washington College, I was heavily involved in the Drama (Theater) Department. While I was not a drama major, I worked just as hard. While attending WAC, I built and designed sets, acted in plays, dramaturged, stage managed, ushered, and even worked with the great Larry Stahl as one of his assistants. The department became my family, and I loved spending a lot of time in Gibson. I still do when I come to visit campus to see performances or visit professors when I have time off. Take advantage of what they have to offer to you, and listen to the wise words of all those wonderful professors; they really know what they’re talking about!


While on campus, I also worked for the school newspaper, The Elm, as a photographer during my final three years at WAC. Most of my assignments meant spending a lot of time at various sporting events throughout the school year as the main sports photographer, watching our athletes do what they do best. When not taking pictures at games, I took shots of guest speakers, spotlighted professors, theater performances, and other various activities around campus. 


For four years, I was also involved in Cleopatra’s Sisters, and served as a secretary and historian. 


After graduating WAC, I began working towards obtaining my teaching license. After receiving my license to teach in the state of Maryland, I began the process of transferring my license to my home state, New Jersey. For the past two years, I have been working as a substitute teacher. I was lucky enough, so far, to have obtained two long-term sub positions in those two years working as an English teacher at the same high school I attended. I am currently working as a teacher’s aide, and I am loving every minute of it. 


I still enjoy being part of the theater, and I still enjoy taking pictures when I get the chance.


Work hard, do your best, and you will get where you need to be. Make friends, get involved, and be the best you you can possibly be. Make the memories part of who you will become. Good luck!