Ellen Mehring

Class of 2013
Major/Minor: Psychology/French


Hometown? Fallston, Md

High School? Friends School of Baltimore

Favorite Ctown Eats/Place? Village Bakery- the food is awesome

Mistake made your 1st year? I took all of my winter clothes home over Spring break, and then when the weather didn’t warm up like I thought it would, I was left freezing until May!

Which Disney character would you be? Ariel, so I could live under water

How do you like your eggs? - runny, but still on a sandwich. mmmm.

Superpower? teleporting, then I could wake up a minute before my classes start.

Favorite Class at WC? French! The whole French department is so committed to the students and give lots of one-on-one instruction; the classes are designed based on what the class as a whole would like to work on. It is very student-accommodating which I love.

Recommended Professor? Dr. Connaughton. He manages even in a larger class to keep everyone engaged and on their toes. He is so energetic and really loves Biology, which is evident during his lectures.

Most Memorable Moment as a First-Year Student? The school’s mayday celebration. There was a moon bounce and a cookout on the Hodson green, and it was a beautiful day. It was so nice to see everybody together celebrating one of the school’s strongest traditions. it really demonstrated how unified the student body is.

If I was an Animal? I would be a tiger.

One Item You Shouldn’t Forget To Pack? Shower flip flops!

Campus Involvement