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Smaa Koraym

Smaa Koraym is a diligent student with a genuine vision—a vision of a school that prides itself on academic advancement; a vision of a school that celebrates the range of various ethnicities, races, and religions; a vision of a school that protects and upholds campus integrity.

Smaa’s vision is reflective of her prudent, sophisticated character. For a long time, Smaa has endeavored in disseminating diversity awareness in order to promote a more worldly view of various topics. For example, she single-handedly fought to found the Arab Student Union upon seeing the lack of representation of Middle Eastern students on campus.

However, Smaa did not just strive to establish the Arab Student Union at Washington College for the benefit of Arab Students; Smaa saw beyond such a myopic reason, and instead created the group with the goal of enlightening non-Arab students about Arab culture, tradition, and studies. Knowing that Middle Eastern groups are often misrepresented, Smaa strove to expunge any misconceptions through the establishment of that campus organization.

Such brilliant use of diplomacy pervades Smaa’s daily life. Not only is she an active member of multitudes of clubs, she also is a dedicated but resolute RA. Residents know they can always count on her to elucidate solutions to problems in the first floor of Chester, or problems with family and friends. Smaa is sincere and is genuinely considerate of her residents. The respect and care Smaa harbors for her residents demonstrate that Smaa’s feelings toward her job are truly unfeigned.

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