Oliver Hegglin

Class of 2013
Major/Minor: International Studies

I was born in a small town called Menzingen, in Canton Zug, in Switzerland. My father is from Zug whereas my mother is from Spain. I’ve lived in various homes and attended various schools in Switzerland, spending two years of my childhood in Toronto, Canada where I learned English. About eight years ago my family moved to New York. All in all, I have lived in about six homes in three countries and have attended about eight schools. My family constantly travels and this large exposure to the world is what sparked my interest in International Studies various years ago. To this day I plan on using my knowledge and experiences of the world for my future career and would one day like to end up in the real United Nations, if not a Consulate or Embassy somewhere.

Q & A

Future plans? After college I may do my time in the Swiss Army. Either way, I plan to enter the work force and start as a diplomat and see where that path leads me.

Hometown? Mt. Kisco, NY

High School? Fox Lane High School

Favorite Class at WC? My favorite class is Model United Nations mainly because it is the most relevant class to what I am studying and has a large amount of active participation in practice models and workshops that helps the class prepare for model programs as well as skills that we can use in the real world including formal writing and public debate and speaking.

Recommended Professor? I would highly recommend Professor Tahir Shad as he is the head of the International Studies department and also leads the Goldstein Program. He knows a whole lot about his area of expertise and anyone you meet will say he’s the coolest professor to talk to. And lets not forget the IS and Poli-Sci social events held at his house every year, great food there too!

Most Memorable Experience as a First-Year Student? My most memorable experience as a first year student must have been the trip the Model UN team took to the conference in Montreal, Canada. It was a lot of fun and to be able to take such a trek all the way to McGill University was a real adventure that helped me understand the complexity of how our world operates on the international level.

If I Could be an Animal, I’d be? An Arctic Wolf. Besides living in a cold, snowy place, that online animal personality quiz I took said I was independent and strong-willed, which I guess I am, but also care for my small pack and lead it with pride. I guess that’s my little Peer Mentor Pack.

One Thing You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack? Shower shoes or some form of flip flops. You don’t want to enter the bathrooms barefoot, I don’t even like walking around the halls barefoot.

Campus Involvement
  • Major: International Studies
  • Concentration: Western Europe
  • Languages: German, Spanish, and English; learning French
  • Pending Study Abroad: Summer 2010, Germany; Scandinavia, preferably Norway, Sweden, or Finland.
  • Pending Internships: Swiss Embassy in DC, the Swiss Consulate in NY, and the Swiss mission to the UN in NY.
  • Student Government Association
  • International Studies Council