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Lindsay Haislip

Class of 2013
Major/Minor: Economics and Business Management

Portfolio focus: Energy and finance

The Alex. Brown program has given me direct access to an extremely knowledgable financial professional who is dedicated to furthering the education of the student participants. As a college student, having this opportunity is a unique privilege.

Key information sourcesBarron’s magazine. For current events, I also read the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times online.

Biggest challenge: Creating the time to ensure that I am staying up-to-date on current events. Daily global occurrences can have great effects on our own individual portfolio holdings and its overall performance, so remaining as informed as possible is imperative.

Career goal: In a career, I hope to be able to apply the many skills that I have learned through the program, as well as in my business and economics courses at Washington College. I hope to pursue a career in the finance industry, perhaps in financial services. Post graduation, I hope to gain a bit more experience in different aspects of the industry in preparation for an MBA program.

Advice for prospective members: The best way to prepare for the Alex. Brown program is to become fluent in what is currently occurring in the global economic world. The events that occur on a daily basis are a large part of the foundation on which we base our investment decisions as a group. Becoming well-versed in the global economy and what is happening not only domestically, but also globally, is necessary for any participant in the program.


Campus Involvement
  • The Elm
  • Alpha Chi Omega
  • Writing Center Consultant