Justin Geho

Class of 2013
Major/Minor: Business Management

It’s a Wednesday night soccer game under the lights of Roy Kirby, Jr. Stadium, minutes before kick-off. The starting players from each side are lined up at midfield for the introduction of the game’s line-ups. The fans cheer for each Shoreman introduced, but when the announcer calls, “A sophomore, from Westminster, Md., #5 Justin Geho,” there’s an extra “pop” from a section of the stands.

Justin’s mother never misses a game—home or away. Neither does his father. Nor do his three younger brothers or his younger sister. Justin’s grandparents make it to almost every game. He has what amounts to his own traveling cheering section.

“It means the world to me to know that they love and support me the way they do. Having them at my games makes me feel like I have to play my best so I can show my parents the son they have raised, and show my brothers and sisters then man I have become. Not only do I love the game of soccer, but my family does as well and I love that they can come and watch me as often as possible.”

It didn’t take long for Justin to give his family something to cheer about. A midfielder, he started his very first collegiate game and has been in the starting lineup since. After leading the team in shots with 26 as a freshman, he opened his second season with two goals in a 7-0 Shoremen win.

Justin’s impact on the team isn’t limited to his excellent play. He serves on the Shoremen’s leadership council—a select group of upperclassmen who provide support for the team’s captains and help maintain communication between the coaches and players.

The prospect of playing in front of his family every game helped Justin, who lettered in six different sports at Baltimore’s Cardinal Gibbons High School, end up at Washington College, but an early connection to the soccer program also played a role.

“I first met Coach [Drew] Hoffman my freshman year of high school at a soccer camp. My old high school coach and Coach Hoffman are best friends, so I’ve always known about the program.”

Justin is all about making and maintaining connections—with his family, with his team, with his coaches and with his fellow students. He has embraced playing a sport on a small campus where athletics is such an integrated and vibrant part of student life.

“The best thing about being a student-athlete at WAC is that all your fellow students know who you are. Playing a good game and having people come up to you the next day and telling you how well you played is one of the nicest things.”

Chances are the traveling Geho cheering section would give that a standing ovation.