Carolyn Bevans

Cater Society Grant

In the summer of 2012, I completed an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts. During this experience, I was involved in youth-focused educational initiatives. In the Artful Adventures program, I worked closely with Museum Educators to design customized curriculums for children varying in age and from non-traditional school settings. I also led gallery explorations and facilitated art-making activities that encouraged each child to combine his/her newfound knowledge of a culture with his/her creativity. Furthermore, I researched the MFA’s collection and helped develop new program resources. Since my internship at the MFA was part-time, I pursued a volunteer internship at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (HMNH). During this experience, I assisted with the implementation of family programs, which involved designing and leading lessons for the Nature Story-time and Sketching the Specimen programs. Both internships at the  MFA and HMNH not only deepened my understanding of museum education and outreach practices and programs; they also fostered my zeal for the field and inspired me to implement educational programs in Kohl Gallery.