Caitlin Wolfe

I am an International Studies major because I want to find solutions to the world’s many issues, human rights related and political, through politics, anthropology, and history. I believe that one way to help a country is to know not only the politics but also the culture. I came to this belief after taking Introduction to Anthropology, History, and Political Science courses. Trying to strike a balance is essential.  That is what I’ve learned so far as a student at Washington College.

John Trudell, a poet, author, musician, and political activist, once said,  “I’m just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human.”  I’ve learned not only from classes at the college but also from my own interests and conversations with my parents. One of my hobbies is watching documentaries. My friends over at the Literary House have jokingly told me that they should create a documentary about my love of documentaries. I’ve learned a lot from the movies about human rights issues and other cultures. The issues the documentaries have brought up gave me conversation starters at dinner. From these conversations, my dad and mom helped me to learn that there are always two sides to every issue.

What you take away from your classes should be more than a grade, but rather an experience in which you learned something. I try to do this but don’t always succeed. I think that’s the point of not only being human but also being an International Studies major.   You just have to try

Campus Involvement
  • Major: International Studies
  • Languages: English, studying Japanese, aspires to study Hindi and later Russian
  • Study Abroad: Meiji Gaukuin, Tokyo, Japan
  • Internship: Education Office at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
  • WC Trips: Professor Black’s Russia trip; would love to go on the India trip with Professor Scout.

Q & A

Future plans? I am looking into opportunities with the Peace Corp and IJM (International Justice Mission). I’m looking into different law schools, hoping to focus on human rights and international law but I’m not dead set on those two. If funding seems tight, I’ll look into joining the military.